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I have seen many time people ask about how to do disavow but I must say before using the disavow tool figure out the difference of a bad link as far as a good link. So, I have tried to gather some information on it, data collections and filtered the data would be followed in below steps


Links Resources

  • Aggregate data from every tool which you use including Link Research Tool, SEMRush, Ahref Tool, SEO Moz, Majestic SEO, Raven tool etc.
  • Aggregate data from Google webmaster
  • Aggregate data from Bing webmaster
  • Aggregate data from your worksheet
  • Aggregate data from previous company if you have


Combine Data:


Following that you should combine all links and filtered out duplicate links etc.

  • Filtering out unique backlinks
  • Filtering out unique domains


Without NO Follow - work on only DO Follow or Follow links


It will allow you to filter

  • Links from free website facilities, such as WordPress, blogger, Weebly etc.
  • Site-wide links
  • Image based links – especially hot linked images or banner placements
  • Links you have acquired yourself, paid, begged or guest blogged
  • Directory links – (when cross-referenced against your own directory submission lists if you have them)
  • Highlight non-common domain extensions – .edu and other country specific extensions
  • Highlight links on similar IPs


Risk Analysis:

You need to prioritize these attributes of a link as a potential investigation for removal

  • It’s indicated in Google Web Master tools
  • Too many links from the same domain
  • Too many links from the same IP
  • Spam Domain extensions such as .info / .co / .cc
  • *Free* hosted sites such as WordPress subdomains, weekly etc Sites with narrow match anchor texts
  • Sites with obvious “advertise with us” footprints


Check IP referrers:

If there is a high volume in one particular IP address changes are a bunch are held by a link network. If these are getting an index, they are high risk.

Some sites will have “advertising” pages on them which are obviously paid for. Say you want to advertise, but tell them to remove their current link.

Redirects: If they are domains that your clients don’t own, contact the registrar and explain the situation.



How to filter bad baclinks

  • Too many links from the same domain
  • Spam domain extensions such as .info / .co / .cc
  • On low-quality sites
  • Exact anchors
  • Over-optimized exact anchors
  • Low domain authority



Ideally, the kind of information which you would want for each link

  • Type of site
  • Type of Link (here you have to set some qualitative targets – explain what a network site looks like for example)
  • Contact details- on-site contact form
  • Contact details – via who is
  • Contact details – hosting company
  • Any advertising information on the site such as “advertise with us”
  • Details on trademark policy, DMCA policy etc if they exist


Create a spreadsheet:

Once you've collected the backlinks, it's time to drop them into a spreadsheet with the following information

  • Link From URL:*URL where the link resides.
  • Link to URL:*The page (URL) on your website the link points to.
  • Anchor text used.
  • Email contact:*For the “Link From” website.
  • First Link Removal Request:*Insert date of removal request.
  • Second Link Removal Request:*Insert date of removal request (One week after request one).
  • Third Link Removal Request:*Insert date of removal request (One week after request two).
  • Link Status: Live or removed.
  • Disavow Status


How to filter unique domain in your sheet:Place the script in 1st column 2nd row and the URL should be in 2nd Column


------ For Excel -------



------ For Open Office -----



Spam Links Check:You then start filtering links from unique links in the sheet and now you can get bad backlinks which need to be disavowed: This is not the complete process there are much more and I hope others member add their input also

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